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Deposits of peat occur at shallow depths in different low-lying areas of Bangladesh. According to Geological Survey of Bangladesh, the reserve of dry peat is about 170 million tons. The major deposits are in greater in the districts of Faridpur (150 million tons), Khulna (8 million tons). Peat requires drying before making briquettes for use as fuel. Petrobangla implemented a pilot project for extraction of peat and making briquettes but the result were discouraging and economically not viable at present. This scenario may however change in future.

In 1953, a large scale of peat was discovered at Baghia-Chanda Bil in Faridpur and at Kola-Monja in Khulna.

Uses of peat –
•   These peats can be used at dry stage.
•   In industries for combustion of brick.
•   To generate electricity in villages.
•   As fuel in huge amounts.

Lime stone:

Limestone is a very important mineral resource for Bangladesh. It is primarily used in cement industry. In Bangladesh limestone is found in Taker Ghat, Lalghat and Bangli Bazar of sylhet area, Jaypurhat and Saint-mertine of Cox’s bazaar district. The lime stone of Takerghat limestone mining project is supplied to Chattak Cement Factory.


Bangladesh has a dearth of construction materials. A large deposit of hard rock has been discovered by GSB (Geological Survey of Bangladesh) at depth 130-160 m below the surface at Maddhayapara, Dinajpur.

The Maddhayapara project is extended over a wide range of area, from Baborgonj and Mithapukur of Rangpur district to Fulbari and Parbatipur of Dinajpur district. The hardrock project will be completed from this year and it will be possible to recover 1.65 million ton hardrock every year. This hardrock will be used in construction such as road, highway, and railway track.

Construction sand:

It is very much available in the river beds through out the country. Sand consists mostly of quartz of medium to large grains. It is extensively used as construction materials for buildings, bridge, roads all over the country.


Deposits of gravel are found along the piedmont area of Himalyas in the northern boundary of Bangladesh. These river borne gravels come from the upstream duning the rainy season. A total reserve of gravel is about 10 million cubic meters.

Glass sand:

Important deposits of glass sand are at Balijuri, Shahjibajar, Chauddagram, Maddhayapara and Barabukuria. Total deposit is about 109.58 M ton. It is used in glass industry. There are two types of glass sand according to geological status.

1.   Recent piedmont alluvium in eastern zone.
2.   Underground glass sand in the northern zone.

White clay: 

Lower quality of white clay is found in Netrokona, Sherpur and Chittagong. It is used in ceramic industry.

Beach sand:

This may be a potential source in the future. Deposits of beach sand have been identified in the coastal belt and in the coastal island in Bangladesh.

Black gold:

Black gold is a very valuable mineral resource. Among it, the main are zircon, monazite, riotile etc. It is discovered in Cox’s bazaar sea beach.

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Good one.
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Informative post.
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We need to put more emphasize on this type of research
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