Mission of Texbarta

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Mission of Texbarta
« on: December 21, 2010, 02:11:43 PM »
Mission of Texbarta :

1.   Although  DIU is the only one  university of Bangladesh where has a great opportunity for Textile Education in Diploma, B.Sc, M.Sc in Textile Engineering so we want to spread knowledge not only in our campus but also in among the all student of  Bangladesh.

2.   Although Bangladesh has no good facilities in Textile research and development but we want to keep contribution on it by encouraging the student and textile technologist.

3.    It is a matter of sorrow that still many textile industries do not know about DIU So student who goes to get for internship and job in those industries then they are victim many problems. I think by circulating our TEXBARTA in deferent industries it may be removed.
4.   We know that Reputation of DIU means our own reputation.

5.   I think a university is not only for achievement a certificate but also it is a place for increasing own creativity. So By writing about textile Technology student must me creative. They will make themselves as a perfect applicant in textile sector.

6.   In Recent Job facilities of textile sector is not available. So student should make him a suitable for job. TEXBARTA will arrange different types of extra-curricular activities as competition e.g. Quiz competition, Presentation competition Forum, seminar and conferences for development of career which will help to get good job in future.

7.   We will also involve students, Teachers, Businessman and others in our ‘Texbarta Forum.’ We think it is a active NETWORK FOR FUTURE TEXTILE. We solve the problems of students by consultancy. We will share ideas about Textile. 

8.   Student of public universities have negative ideas about private universities so we want to play a great role in the development of textile sector and remove the tendency and deference between public universities and private universities.

9.   Students of all textile college and universities of Bangladesh will read TEXBARTA which have published from daffodil international university is the matter of proud for us.

Thanks From
Md.Enamul Haque
Editor and Publisher of Texbarta

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Re: Mission of Texbarta
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2010, 09:38:07 PM »
Texbarta is a one kinds of information center about textile world. First of all i would like to gives thanks Enamul bi. who has taken a great decision for publish this magazine. i want to tell enamul bi just keep going. One day texbarta will be most popular magazine in Bangladesh for
textile sector. so don't worry. I think all students of textile department should keep contribute in Texbarta. When every one will come for help, suggestion,and information it can be go onward. All student should collect this magazine for read then we can understand actually what is the goal of Texbarta.