Significance of marketing in university libraries

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Significance of marketing in university libraries
« on: March 14, 2016, 10:25:52 AM »
Libraries are the best candidates for marketing among non-profit service organizations. Here, the important thing is that we can see these benefits from the point of view of users and communicate in the way they can understand. The public image of the library comes through experiences or moments of truth when users really come into contact. All promotion, advertisement, promises will be wasteful if we are unable to transform these experiences into pleasant ones and that too from user's point of view. The deciding factors are our own attitude and our commitment to the community. We who work in the library are the greatest marketing forces in libraries.

Marketing is an integral part of library services, because it has to do with basic principles of librarianship: to develop good collection and user-oriented services. This is the very first aspect of employing effective marketing in any kind of libraries. Many librarians correlate marketing with profit and consider that libraries are not for making profits. Basically because they were not taught marketing at library schools and do not see marketing to have anything to do with running a library.

Marketing helps show a library staff’s expertise, further an organization’s mission, promote productivity by quickly and efficiently finding the right information at the right time, and add value to an organization’s products. Without any promotional effort, some key individuals may not be supporters or even users of the Information Centre. Libraries therefore, will look impressive and the librarians will emerge as activists fostering proactive services to the users. Every service activity must be performed with a conscious mind to meet users’ needs exceptionally.
Dr. Md. Milan Khan