10 Steps to More Effective Developmental Experiences

Author Topic: 10 Steps to More Effective Developmental Experiences  (Read 1520 times)

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10 Steps to More Effective Developmental Experiences
« on: May 15, 2016, 10:36:52 AM »
10 Steps to More Effective Developmental Experiences

1.   Take the initiative to look for ways that you can learn new skills through experiences that also help your supervisor/manager, team, unit, or department achieve its goals.
2.   Set up meetings with your supervisor/manager to discuss your proposed development experiences and get buy-in for proceeding. Use the Questions to Ask Before, during, and After Planned Development Experiences handout (PDF) as a guide for discussions with your supervisor or manager.
3.   Create a development plan with your supervisor/manager to track your progress.
4.   As your development experience is progressing, update your plan to mark accomplishments and learning acquired.
5.   Set up regular check-in meetings with your supervisor/manager.
6.   Take time to review your development plan before meeting with your supervisor/manager for check-ins.
7.   Send your supervisor/manager any major changes in advance before meeting.
8.   Leave the meetings with an updated plan.
9.   Review where your supervisor/manager can provide you the most help going forward.
10.   Seek out feedback after a project’s completion to discuss the positive, negative, and key lessons learned, as well as to begin developing a new development experience.
If you are a supervisor or manager, see Resources for Supervisors and Managers for handouts to manage your own developmental experiences, as well as tips on communicating with your employees regarding their developmental experiences to ensure the best outcomes for both employees and managers.
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