Lighthouse of Permanent Campus

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Lighthouse of Permanent Campus
« on: February 13, 2016, 05:06:20 PM »
Daffodil International University is a outstanding educational industry in Bangladesh. It has a large permanent green campus at Ashulia, Dhaka. Its construction works going on rapidly by the strong management. The authority of Daffodil International University is trying by all means to establish a incredible campus in Bangladesh. Already academic building-1, excellent entrance gate with very prestigious hospitality room, nice play ground, shahid minar, hostel building, a super convention center, golf club, tennis court etc constructed here. Alongside academic building-2 under construction and other works have been going on seriously. Every famed organization has a symbol to come across of its heart so Daffodil International University is the one. As a result a Lighthouse would be constructed here so that the people of Bangladesh & international can easily distinguish the symbol of Daffodil International University.         
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