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What is IELTS ?
Ans: IELTS Stands for International English Language Testing System.

Ans: It is primarily designed to assess the readiness of candidates to study or train in further or higher education courses held in English at college or university. IELTS examination can be taken in over 100 different countries in the world.

Types of IELTS ?
There are tow versions of the test: (1) Academic (2) General Module

Academic VS General Module :

Academic Module : Students wishing to study at postgraduate or undergraduate level in an English speaking country should take the Academic Module.

General Module : The General Testing module is designed for those students who plan to undertake training or secondary school education in an English Speaking country. The General Training Module is also used in Canada, Australia and New zealand to assess the language skill of in coming migrants, candidates must decide in advance which of the two modules the wish to sit on the results are not interchangeable.

Overview of the test :

The test is in four parts reflecting the four basic language skills :
(a) Listening (Same questing for all modules)
(b) Reading (Different questions for Academic & General Traing Modules)
(c) Writing (Different questing for Academic & General Training Modules)
(d) Speaking (Same questions for all modules) 
Duration of the test :

The examination takes 2 hours 55 minutes to complete. Listening 30M+10M transfer time.

4 sections, 40 questions, reading 1 hour.
3passages, 40questions, writing-1hours, Task-1(150words)
(20M.), Task-2 (250words) (40M)
Speaking-15Minutes, Part1+Part-2,Part3
Total=2hrs. 25M.

Student sit the Listening, Reading & Writing Papers in that order one day.

The speaking test may be held up to two days later or on the same day after the writing test.
         Results are usually given within two weeks of the test. Result are usually valid for 2 Years.

A candidate cannot pass of fail the IELTS examination. The University or college that he/she wishes to enter will inform him/her of the overall IELTS Band score they require for enrollment in the particular course he/she wishes to study.

Performance is rated on a scale of 0-9 for each of the four skills (there are on t half marks in the writing and speaking sub tests). The overall Band scores, with fractional scores rounding up or down to he nearest x .o or x.S score (with x.25 md x 75 rounding up). Candidature receive a test report form which shares their overall performance reported as a single brand score as well as the individual scores they received for each past of the test.


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Thank you for the informative post
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