Every one should take care when u post

Author Topic: Every one should take care when u post  (Read 989 times)

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Every one should take care when u post
« on: June 29, 2009, 11:57:43 PM »
We must remember the forum we developed for the betterment of the university and we told that every one should submit and reply with positive attitude but we are seeing that some of the member are not keeping their right ethics & respect. Even some one address to others without any courtesy. So from now on if we find any one behave/post wrongly and showed negative attitude we will ban that member and we will published his ID is BAN in diu forum. We must maintain this forum for DIU's better future and make it no. 1 . If we forget that other university (Gave example with DIU) established in 1995 and DIU established in 2002 than of course the guy who forget he/she should take responsibility of this kinds of wrong information. You should praise that DIU established in 2002 and have 50% less tuition fee of that University but trying to become no. 1. I can boldly say if student give same tuition fee with whom they compare than  we will make DIU as best campus, best facility, best environment, everything best. So when u write lot of good thing u should remember our limitations too. U must look positive way that DIU is the only university who involved highest full time faculty in reality not in papers. U must see highest professor are full time, u must see what other things we are doing gradually. If we can charge the development cost as other so called university doing than DIU can give u best campus overnight. So pls look your face 1st. U must also remember that DIU offering the highest level of Scholarship in the country. Right now 1700 student enjoying the facility. We look the quality and gradually we r looking for getting a best campus shortly.