What Does mean Casio Japan Movt. Cased in China?

Author Topic: What Does mean Casio Japan Movt. Cased in China?  (Read 2321 times)

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What Does mean Casio Japan Movt. Cased in China?
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What Does Mean Japan Movt. Casio Cased in China?
Today we will try to explain What Does actually mean by Japan Movt. Cased in China for Casio watches? before we start, hope you already knew that Casio is a well known Japan brand who has their own factory in different countries like China, Thailand, Philips etc. and these factories own and ran by Casio itself. So, now lets come to point and jump into the topic Why Casio don’t produce all watches in Japan?

Now the world is too much faster in technology and all are in super competition to introduce new products at affordable price. To cut down the price of the final product there are several ways. And using the low-grade material or by reducing the production cost where labor cost is less. In this case, Casio chooses the second option. Instead of compromising the product quality they successfully find cheaper labor market like China, Thailand, Philips etc. Is that a bad idea? What does buyer really think about it?

Watches accessories

If you look at the above picture you will find more than 10 different accessories  and for that, you don’t even need to open the watch engine. Model to model this may change. So, What do you think? Is it really mandatory to put all these accessories to make a watch complete and that has to be in Japan or China or Bangladesh? In experts opinion, it doesn’t really matter.

Now if we consider the inside of the watch, there is thousands of component, gears, pinions, pins, wheels, screws, electronic components and much more. and to put all the components in the right position to make a watch workable is really time-consuming. Isn’t it?

Especially in Bangladesh, a huge number of people have raised the questions about whether the electronics giant Casio manufactures its watches and also cased them in Japan or are they assembled in China? When we sell products buyers often ask What Does Mean Japan Movt. Cased in China means and wonders whether this company has begun manufacturing watches from companies based in China? It would not be difficult for people to raise questions, especially if they have been using products from Casio for quite some time.

People probably suspect that the watches and the movement parts used are being sourced from a country where access to cheap labor is abundant. At this stage, it must be mentioned that some watches from Casio are highly revered by many consumers who have spoken lavishly about watches from Japan. These are the very few people who have failed to understand the question mentioned within this discussion.

People must understand that the cost of labor in Japan is much higher than it is in China. Moreover, the casing for the watches really shouldn’t matter where they are sourced from. Casio has been clear when stating that the movement parts for the watch are manufactured in Japan while the casings are sourced from China. This factor is probably giving Casio an opportunity to sell their products at very affordable prices. However, it does not indicate that the watches are manufactured in their entirety in a different country. It almost indicates that the company has chosen to use an affordable option to case their watches.

It would perhaps have been better if the Japanese manufacturer could mention the word “movement” rather than just using a shortened version of the word and stating “movt.” because it would have avoided confusions within their consumers.

The phrases mentioned above are pretty clear, and it does not take a great deal of intelligence to understand that the manufacturers have tried to conserve some space at the back of the watches by using a shortened version of the word. Perhaps confusions would not have risen if Casio had made an attempt to clear the confusions by instructing the companies handling the casing about using the full form of the phrase. It would have been easier for consumers to understand that the movement parts for the watch are still being manufactured in Japan and exported to China only to be cased and delivered back as the final product.

It would have been easier for consumers to understand that the movement parts for the watch are still being manufactured in Japan and exported to China only to be cased and delivered back as the final product.

The practice of sending movement parts to other countries before being cased into a watch is not precisely a habit with Casio. A number of manufacturers from Japan and even Switzerland are employing similar tactics in an attempt to reduce costs of Manpower and make their products affordable for consumers. After gaining a huge following throughout the world Casio could no longer continue to indulge in both the manufacture and the casing within the country. They have decided wisely to send movement parts abroad to be cased by their manufacturing units in China.

Consumers will have difficulties in understanding the true meaning of the sentence “What Does Mean Japan Movt. Casio Cased in China?” However, if you as a buyer decide to conduct a little research and Google it, they will soon realize the fact. Consumers will have no difficulties coming across a number of reviews, which have been published and giving them information that these watches are really the originals, and it is just the case which has been produced in China.

In summary, we can say that Japan Movt. and Cased in China means that all major component are made in Japan and they just assembled it in China. Does it really make any sense where the Case (Body), Belt, Boxed and packing for the shipment has happened? But Yes! due to this Still Casio watches are very affordable and we are as end user getting the latest technology at the best price. So no worries until you buy the Casio watches from a genuine seller you are safe and your products will give you the best performance. In Bangladesh, you can find Original Casio watches in many shopping malls or you can just order it on Casio watches in Bangladesh and get delivered to your doorstep.

Original source- http://www.casiobangladesh.com
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