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Ubuntu ; A Shadow of Linux


Ubuntu is a computer operating system based on the Debian GNU/Linux distribution and is distributed as free and open source software with extra proprietary software available.

Officially Ubuntu started its journey from 2oth October,2004. It was named after the southern African ethical principle. It is a very easy operating system that run without any setup/installation. We need software to run any program/music/document in any operating system but Ubuntu is not like other operating system.The day of installation is about to lost. Ubuntu is an operating system that provides the software center &  open source software for its user. People can run anything from Ubuntu  by this purpose. Ubuntu is part of the Debian family of Linux operating systems,which has the largest pool of developer talent, with every package built by experts. Canonical’s rigorous release management, quality assurance, stress testing and product design enhances the quality of Ubuntu server. Ubuntu is very secured and it is protected by proactive security technology that defends your computer from typical threats. Ubuntu enhance efficiency and reduce the potential for error with systems management and monitoring tools for physical, virtual and cloud machines. It has a more productive IT environment organizations can boost efficiency and make significant cost savings. It resolve issues more quickly with direct access to technical support engineers. Ubuntu also protect your business with legal indemnification for claims of intellectual property (IP) infringements. Ubuntu also advantage offers training for systems administrators and end users training so you can get the most out of your Ubuntu desktops and servers. It also provides on line training courses so you can boost in-house skills quickly and easily.

Now it is one of the best operating system in the world. Day by day it receives more and more positive attitudes from people.

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The great suspect about the operating system."Ubuntu" it reduced time consuming & program installation process which is more appreciative.............


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