Brand Glossary-15

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Brand Glossary-15
« on: November 27, 2016, 09:47:33 AM »
Rebranding – The process of taking an existing brand and reworking the brand into something different and better than before.

Relevance – The amount of connection and sense the brand possesses with regard to something.

Research – The process of gathering data through testing of relevant questions in a given market whose purpose is to produce actionable results for the brand.

Research Design – A systematic plan to gather data.  The research design looks at what data to gather, from whom, how and when to collect, and how the data will be analyzed.  This is the “roadmap” to research.

Research Strategy – The “thinking” behind conducting research.  Developing the rationale for research.  Understanding what questions to ask and how they impact the purpose  and objectives of the research.

Return on Investment (ROI) – The financial return/sales you receive directly from your investment in brand development.

Ruling Precept – The overarching precept that controls the other precepts. The dominant belief that influences the purchase decision.

Sample Size (n) – The number of participants from a population to be included in a research study.

Segmentation – Dividing the market by a certain characteristic (Race, Geography, Sex…etc)

Signals Consistency – The uniformity of all the messages conveyed that speak about a given brand.  This includes: logo, themelines, taglines, signage, signature systems, press releases, advertising and marketing, and internal communications.

Signature System – Letterhead, envelopes, fax sheets, memos…etc. The internal documentation of your brand.
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