A multidimensional view on wastage.

Author Topic: A multidimensional view on wastage.  (Read 1021 times)

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A multidimensional view on wastage.
« on: August 26, 2016, 07:30:27 PM »
Different organizations and offices emphasize a lot to reduce wastage by their employees. We have to keep in mind that we should avoid wastage not only at our work places, we should also avoid wastage at our home (Personal life). We have to bear in mind that what we waste - was produced in many stages. For example if we waste paper, it does not mean that we have wasted only a paper. To produce a paper, raw materials were required. It was collected from nature. Many trees had been cut down for it. Again different chemicals were used to produce it. It required fresh water and electricity to produce it. Different machines were used to produce it. By wasting paper we are wasting all of them.
But the most important point is - it required our money to buy it which has at least required some time to earn. This is an example of wastage of a single item. In the same way we can consider downwards for every material we consume. Food, Clothes, Furniture - everything. We have to remember every material requires raw material, machine, power and finally working hours. During the production process it affects our nature.
Even if we consume more than required - it can be also considered as wastage. If we consume clothes three times we require - means we are consuming not only ours - we are consuming materials of our next three generations.   
By wasting we are not only wasting the hard wastes. We are wasting our time - part of our life.
(In factories and production plants, they seriously care about wastage. Wastage leads to loss which could be our asset. At first in USA they were counting defects in Hundreds while in Japan they were counting defects in millions. Defects means rework and losses. Now the concept for production plants through out the world is "NO DEFECTS AT ALL".)
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