Preemptive Defense Strategy:

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Preemptive Defense Strategy:
« on: December 06, 2016, 12:32:02 PM »
Preemptive defense strategy is
compared with the well known saying ‘prevention is better than cure’.
Here a company decides to attack competitors before it is attacked by
them. It may help the firm to further strengthen its position in the
market. There are number of ways in which a company can launch
preemptive defense. The first option could be a shotgun attack, i.e.,
attacking competitors here and there simultaneously instead of
attacking only one at a time (the rifle attack). It creates fears among
competitors and feel more threatened as their positions are upset by
such attacks. The second option could be an attempt to cover a huge
market through very extensive distribution. Another option could be
to attack competitors in terms of price, i.e., lowering prices
significantly. Pursuing such policies will always keep the competitors
busy defending their positions. They will have little opportunities to
think for offense. It will also contribute in increasing the motivation
and initiative of employees and they will remain ever vigilant. One
may also pursue preemptive defense strategy through creating
psychological pressures on competitors.
Sabiha Matin Bipasha

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Re: Preemptive Defense Strategy:
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