Color of Human mind

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Color of Human mind
« on: January 15, 2011, 04:23:04 PM »
   Mental corruption

Some indescribable topic over the world that is totally color of human mind. Color of human mind means a different kinds of attitude of human to do others. Incoherent discussion should be confused you all. And that’s why I want to tell some truth I know which is ridiculous to the reality but men have to know that they have something about themselves.
We are completely entered the inactive world. Actually inactive world creates a boundary. It includes a bad sign of arrogance. But active world have no boundary it creates a lots of creative smile in our mental health and do the work to break the corruption door of subconscious mind. Confusion makes creation a new brand product which sells to our whole sale market. Our mind is a whole sale supermarket there are so many product we choose and buy for survive. Where a buyer or customer makes a reciprocal relationship and good or bad things is the competitor to this mind market. And there target market is our
Subconscious thoughts.

There are two types of mental community

   1. Conscious, Pre-conscious & Unconscious
   2. Id, Ego & Superego.

Conscious is kind of ice-berg If which is drop a water then its shown it existence I mean it float in the water. That means reality is the water, we actually not used properly in conscious mind because we are not able to use it. 7% in our total mind but we used 1% for consciousness.

In the next part of sub-conscious or pre-conscious. It is a very little part. Some kinds of story, people or occurrence we can not remember at a time but we try to remember and ultimately we are able to remember those things, that is sub-consciousness.

 7% total mind is our mental community and 6% is covered by unconscious.
Consciousness carry a discipline and determination on the other side unconsciousness carry opposite side of consciousness.
It is a strong thing in human mind. In our everyday life we act a various kinds of action like thought, attraction, sex, love etc. That kind of things are natural and conscious mind can’t agree with this and transfer there feelings to unconsciousness and people happy for this. Unconsciousness always attract people always and people cannot ignore it.

Id is a good friend of unconscious mind and it is totally inside it. It is a house of libido and give strength behind a physical relationship. It always follows a happiness. It needs enjoy whatever it is good or bad whatever religious or society allows it or not. There is no relationship between Id and reality. Id can achieve its success when EGO helps it. In this world a bad people is convinced by Id. They cannot know what they are doing because they are not able to know it.

Ego is a part of conscious, sub-conscious, unconscious. When we born in this world our ego had very weak but when we grow up it is very strong at a time.
Ego is very intelligent and logical that’s why it administrated by reality principle.
Id demanded to Ego for its special kinds of requirements but Ego think that it is really understandable to society or not then Ego reject or not.

Super-ego is most of the place of unconscious mind. Super-ego is most valuable existence in human mind. It believe discipline, punctuality, mutual value and it depends on humanity. Id is totally controlled by super-ego. Any kind bad things in our mind creates that will not established by super-ego. Naturally super-ago person is very humble and valuable personality in this world. They are very knowledgeable person..

At last I must say that Color of human mind is very interesting topic to know.
Because Human is very mysterious existent in this planet.

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Re: Color of Human mind
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2011, 05:13:26 PM »
...Our mind is a whole sale supermarket there are so many product we choose and buy for survive. Where a buyer or customer makes a reciprocal relationship and good or bad things is the competitor to this mind market...

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