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culture in China
« on: October 19, 2016, 10:52:46 AM »
On our arrival at the entrance gate, we were greeted with melodious music buzzing from a nearby shop. Our translator explained to us that this was a popular folk music of the area. I was eager to listen to the music for a while but the tour guide hurried us along to collect the ticket and cross the decorative entry gate that led to the fortress.

When we were approaching the main structure, we were left spellbound by the grandeur of the construction. Around a 100 feet tall, the structure is protected by a wide base of rammed wall which gives you the impression of a great fortress. Our tour guide started climbing up the stairs and we followed him, intently listening to historical tidbits about this marvelous monument. But it is always difficult to keep your attention to historical facts when the real thing stands before you with all its mystery and glory. After reaching the top of the fortress, we encountered a local group of tourists who were very warm and welcoming to us, once again exemplifying the warmth and cordiality of Chinese culture.
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