How to Be Alert and Aware for Safety

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How to Be Alert and Aware for Safety
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Assume full responsibility for self protection. Take a class in self-defense that includes the psychology of combat as well as the physical aspect.

Have a cell phone handy. Travel only in familiar, well-lit, populated areas whenever possible. Ask for assistance when feeling uncomfortable about a particular situation, like walking to the car or returning to a hotel room alone.

Learn simple self-defense techniques that are easy to use. Hold your largest car key between the index and ring finger, turned vertically, when walking to a parked car. If attacked, punch at your assailant's eyes and face with the key blade protruding.
Be smart about avoiding danger. If confronted by a suspicious person shout "No." Carry a whistle and blow it loudly and often until someone responds. Call 911 immediately. Throw off would-be stalkers by acting unstable.

Be alert to your surroundings, the environment and those in it. Prepare to respond quickly to incapacitate an attacker and allow time to escape. Look out for neighborhood watch signage.
Pay attention to the intuitive ability that signals danger. Listen to the heightened sense of fight or flight; that's the body's means of self-preservation. Walk with confidence without stooping, cowering or looking fearfully over the shoulder.

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Re: How to Be Alert and Aware for Safety
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