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Let's search 5 new English words every day. At the end of the month you'll get (30X5)=150 new words in your stock. You can use a note book for keeping the records of learning words. Besides, you can start using those words in your writing & speaking.

Do u know the following words?

a) apprise
b) arbitrate
c) assuage
d) apprehend
e) aspire

Now find out the meanings from the following list.

i) ease or lessen
ii) seek to attain, long for
iii) inform
iv) act as judge
v) arrest

Good Day!

Mam....This is my answers:

2.arbitrate:act or judge
3.assuage:Ease or lessen
5.aspire:seek to attain

Excellent Good Boy!

check out the following five words for today:

1. audacious
2. bolster
3. augment
4. baffle
5. anguish

the meanings are here:

1. daring, bold   2. support  3. increase  4. frustrate, perplex   5. acute pain, extreme suffering.

Can you include those words in your sentences?

It's time to know 5 new words!

Todays words are:

1. Scoff
2. Saga
3. Salient
4. loquacious
5. mendacious

Do u know the meaning of these words? If not, try to guess..and let me know. Plz don't check the dictionary for the meaning. Let your brain  work. Tomorrow InshAllah I'll give u the meanings. 

aunoo: answer is given below.......

1. Scoff : mock
2. Saga : long heroic story
3. Salient : prominent,conspicuous
4. loquacious : talkative
5. mendacious : untruthful

but i do not understand the meaning of mock........i get it from my English to English dictionary.........thank you mam for this informative post......


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