The Secret of “Hidden” Job Market:

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The Secret of “Hidden” Job Market:
« on: July 07, 2009, 10:34:40 AM »
The Secret of “Hidden” Job Market:

Some of the largest employment agencies and outplacement firms did research and estimated that less than 25% of all the jobs paying good wages are filled by employment agencies or applicants responding to wanted ads. In fact, many of these jobs are never advertised at all! About 75% of these jobs are filled by recommendation and referral; someone already working at that company refers a friend…by “tips”—“I hear XYZX is hiring…”---or by prospective employees presenting themselves to companies without regard to whether they are known to be hiring or filling a position at that moment.

This “75% factor” tells you that you need to DIVERSIFY your job search. For example, you’ll want to let everybody you know who is employed anywhere, as well as “center of influence” type people like your, or your family’s, accountant, lawyer, banker, know that you are interested in finding a particular type of position. Put the word out! Build a “target list” of employers you think you’d like to work for and contact them, even if they are not advertising any openings or known to be hiring.

Key#4: Always Be Preparing For Your Next Move Up The Career Ladder.   
Through employer offered training, other formal or informal training and informal self-study with books, other publications, classes and seminars, you will benefit greatly by being in the “getting ready for my next, better position” mode all the time.
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