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Eccentric Economics 02
« on: January 23, 2017, 12:09:57 AM »
Citizen Lifetime Value
Many people these days choose to stay abroad for many reasons. Some of the most prominent ones are not getting proper recognition in one's parent country, study, better prospect and further the fully functional social security system. Seldom economists think about the value of a citizen who could easily contribute to the development for his/her country. Developing countries are watching several dimensions of its productive people flying to other countries. Sad part comes in when these people never come back to their parent country and another country gets benefits by using their skills, knowledge and experiences. These things should be quantitative. There should be a measure to see what is the country is losing since many of its human potential are living outside. And the way we can measure its through using the "Citizen Lifetime Value" concept.

Md. Nur-Al-Ahad
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