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Literature Review
« on: February 09, 2017, 11:13:19 PM »
The purpose of a literature review is three-fold: (1) to survey the current state of knowledge in the area of inquiry, (2) to identify key authors, articles, theories, and findings in that area, and (3) to identify gaps in knowledge in that research area.  Literature review is commonly done today using computerized keyword searches in online databases.  Keywords can be combined using “and” and “or” operations to narrow down or expand the search results.  Once a shortlist of relevant articles is generated from the keyword search, the researcher must then manually browse through each article, or at least its abstract section, to determine the suitability of that article for a detailed review.  Literature reviews should be reasonably complete, and not restricted to a few journals, a few years, or a specific methodology.  Reviewed articles may be summarized in the form of tables, and can be further structured using organizing frameworks such as a concept matrix.  A well-conducted literature review should indicate whether the initial research questions have already been addressed in the literature (which would obviate the need to study them again), whether there are newer or more interesting research questions available, and whether the original research questions should be modified or changed in light of findings of the literature review.  The review can also provide some intuitions or potential answers to the questions of interest and/or help identify theories that have previously been used to address similar questions. 

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Re: Literature Review
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good one :)