A Chronic Conflict Between Happiness & Sorrows

Author Topic: A Chronic Conflict Between Happiness & Sorrows  (Read 1792 times)

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A Chronic Conflict Between Happiness & Sorrows
« on: March 15, 2017, 10:48:32 PM »
The organism in this earth always struggle for happiness against sorrows. Its universal truth for all creatures. Some succeeds, some fails to achieve that.

The animal struggles for their happiness without applying their sense in it. They try just to satisfy their hunger or other necessity by harming other creatures. And this is the one of the differences between them and human being.

But man can’t gain his/her success without ignoring the adverse situation of his/her life as well as his or her family and surrounding living around him or her. Because there exist sorrows that always impede happiness to influence his or her life.

Man  never can achieve such goal if and only if Almighty Allah wants his or her well being that means of course it can be achieved by the effort made by human being and then the outcome certainly shall be that Allah wants. Hard labor does not happen fruitless outcome.

The sorrow when comes, other ones come one after another accordingly and this is the examination of his or her tolerance to endure. And those who can endure unless and until good days come, be succeeded one day. Some fails to do that and as an outcome falls in hell that is they do unwanted job which is harmful for his or her world life and spiritual life after death as well.

So, the ending say is that everyone should have enough tolerance power to overcome sorrows that come sequentially which is chronic in nature against happiness. It should be kept in mind that after thunder it comes rain that means after a certain time period happiness must come.
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