One-Stop Student Service Center should implement at DIU

Author Topic: One-Stop Student Service Center should implement at DIU  (Read 2552 times)

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One-Stop Student Service Center should implement at DIU
« on: June 29, 2016, 03:36:19 PM »
One-Stop Student Service Center  is the focal point of a University. Student can solve their general problems by this office. Now it is time to implement One-Stop Student Service Center  at DIU. 

For an example to get certificate student need to clearance from different offices (Accounts clearance, Library clearance etc.). But it is very painful for them when they come to get clearance and seen they have dues at Account Section, Library etc. Some-times they didn’t have enough money to pay but certificate is necessary. For this reason they are delayed and they didn’t apply for jobs or submit certificate at their office at timely.

In my view One-Stop Student Service Center can help the students in this situation. Anybody can collect form on behalf of students from the office of the Controller of the Examination and submit it at the One-Stop Student Service Center. One-Stop Student Service Center will process the application from and informs student to pursue their certificates/problems. Then students will receive their certificate/solve the problems.

The One-Stop Student Service Center may be the entry point for assisting students with navigating administratively and academically. Students are able to get assistance, ask questions, and pointed in the right direction with regards to registration concerns, transfer admissions, and general student accounting information.

One-Stop Student Services Center  may be the integrated customer service area representing the offices of:
•   Registration
•   Student Records
•   Student Accounts
•   Student Financial Aid
•   Collections.
•   Library (Library Clearance) etc.
One-Stop Student Service Center is available at the listed universities in home and abroad:

1.   State University of Bangladesh
2.   Kean University, USA. Link is:
3.   University of Cincinnati, USA. Link is :
4.   University of North Florida, USA. Link is :
5.   Rider University: USA. Link is :
6.   University of Minnesota , USA. Link is :
7.   Bocconi University: Milan, Italy: Link is:
8.   University of Minnesota, US: link
9.   Queens College:

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Re: One-Stop Student Service Center should implement at DIU
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2016, 06:31:53 PM »
It will be good for us.
Awesome idea sir.
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Re: One-Stop Student Service Center should implement at DIU
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Useful Post .......
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