A woman Entrepreneur

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A woman Entrepreneur
« on: March 19, 2017, 04:09:29 PM »
Even a few years ago she was an ordinary housewife. But she wasnot ordinary in her dream and characteristics. With these two sheis now different. Some unique features of her character have
 brought her the pride of being the „Pioneer in parlour businesses‟
in Khulna city.
Early Life
Rezina Mahbub wa born in 1973 in a middle class family of Khulna
district. Her father‟s and mother‟s name was
Mahbubur Rahman Siddiqui andMahmuda Khanom respectively and her husband

s name is Mollah Maruf Rashid.

Family Background
 Her father was involved in shrimp business. Their family was joint in structure. From herchildhood she was interested in decorating others. Being a member of a joint family she gotthe opportunity to exercise that. She was must for the bridal attires and other programs for herfemale family members and friends. Besides, her father also inspired her to involve intobusiness. Though she g
ot enough freedom in her father‟s house, she could not start a business
as her in-
law‟s house was very conservative family.

Educational Background
 She does not have a very enriched and talented formal academic career. She passed her S.S.Cfrom Fatema Schoo
l in 1988 and H.S.C. from Pioneer Girls‟ College, Khulna in 1990. After
that she got married and because of direct involvement in family life she could not continueher studies. But she has a brilliant educational career in beautification sector. She took anumber of training and courses both in home and abroad. Those includes
up Diploma from Women‟s World International, Delhi
Specialized Aroma Therapy of Women‟s World International, Delhi
Special Pearl facial Techniques of Women‟s World Internation
al, Delhi4.
Special Skin Classes of Women‟s World International, Delhi
Beauty Therapy Course of Bastab6.
Professional Beautician Course of Angel Beauty Care Center7.
Product Knowledge and Training Course of Ganecx Company
Training Program on Hair Straight and Beauty care of Sewha P&C Incorporation inSeoul, Korea
Professional Life
She started her business journey in a very little form. In 1994 she started a one room beautyparlour in her own house. At that time only her family members, relatives and neighbours areher customers. But a parlour at home was not taken positively by the society at that time. Forthis, after 2 years in 1996 she shifted the parlour to Tootpara Kaborkhana More. That wasalso a one room parlour. She felt that customers were facing lots of problems as differentcustomers were coming for different services like bridal make-up, facial, hair-treatment etc. Itwas difficult to provide them better services in one room. By that time she managed to save agood amount of money. With that and loans from SIBL and Prime Bank, she shifted that
small parlour to Shibbari More and named it as „Ritzy‟. It is the first parlour in Khulna where
there are different rooms for every single service. Before that there were no other beautyparlours of Khulna that provided segmental services at different rooms. Today
„Ritzy‟ has 3
branches. They are in Khulna, Dhaka and Jessore. Now 24 girls are working in these 3branches. She is very aware of current fashion trends and technologies in this field. And toknow more regarding beauty care, she studies a lot.From the very beginning to today, she got immense support from her husband, relatives,some shops in New Market and especially from the SIBL bank. She is very grateful to them.
Ambition and Motivation
Though she started her business in very little format, Rezina Mahbub had an ambition to be
an icon in this business, especially in Southern part of Bangladesh. That‟s whay she was
motivated to expand her business gradually. Another point is that, once she got a very badhurt at the nerve of her brain and the doctor advised her family members to keep her jolly andtension free all the time. At that time her husband and she decided to start this business. Herhusband is the greatest source of her motivation. At every stage, he was with her wife likeshadow. According to Rezina Mahbub
, “It was quiet impossible for me to survive in thisarena without his help.” She always tried to make her profit double and never disheartened if
she failed. She believes at every moment that she will be successful. This determination of her to be successfulin her work.