Eccentric Economics 17

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Eccentric Economics 17
« on: March 19, 2017, 11:40:12 PM »
The world is not flat for all. This is particularly true for many students around the world who aspire to go abroad for studying. Education has become a great business all over the world. The rising tuition fees of many universities around the world prove this happily. The education sector has long been dominated by the USA and some other countries as well. Education sector has been being dominated by them by utilizing tools such as competitive exams GMAT, GRE, TOEFL and IELTS and so on. Just a cool thinking will give you the answer why no other countries have introduced such tests and what are the implications of these tests. These tests also supplement to the income sources of these countries along with the increasing tuition fees. In other sense, you are paying money to get the certification from them that you are eligible to study in those countries. The irony of this century is that we are too obvious to look at simple facts-
a. If someone doesn't know English well, then how did he/she email and understand the web-sites and other materials.
b. Every country maintains certain standards of education. Then how about the standard of that education.
c. Does scoring good in those exam really ensure a good measure of students/applicants quality? Those exams are like common exams with time-constrained factor and they are just relative measure of students/applicants performance not a actual one.
d. Another aspect of these exams is the rising fees for appearing for them. The fees are not waived most of the times. And they are barring a significant group of financially disadvantaged students from attending schools abroad. Hence, they are one of the ways to discriminate.
There are many ways through which some developed countries are systematically destroying the potential of developing or marginal countries. Education should be utilized as a tool to create enlighten world not a fixed focus one. Western economists always put emphasis on education forgetting the invisible barriers that they have created and thus giving sunlight only to a specific group of people.
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