Warren Buffet: An Inspiring Story

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Warren Buffet: An Inspiring Story
« on: April 02, 2017, 02:41:30 PM »
We live in a world where some people are rich and some are poor and then there are people in the same world whom are Extremely Rich. It is often considered that most of the rich people have inherited the wealth that they have today but this is not true at all. Out of 100 richest people on earth only 23% of them possess inherited wealth, the rest of them have made their fortune by themselves.

Warren Buffet is among these self-made Billionaires. He is currently ranking 3rd among the Forbes richest people list and never seen his name below the 5th ranking in last 15 years.  He was not born in a prosperous house rather he belonged to a lower middle class family but he had this will power for making a fortune for himself. It is said that he bought his first stock of shares at the age of 11 and now he regrets that he started too late. That is what we call Enthusiasm. Then at the age of 14 he bought a small farm from the money he collected by distributing the newspapers in his locality.

Despite of his wealth and success he has a very simple life style. He still lives in his 50 years old house in Omaha because according to him this house has everything what he needs. He owns a self-driven car. He is among the top Philanthropist as he has donated 85% of his wealth in charity which is around 18 billion US Dollars. He never uses a private jet to travel although he is the owner of world’s largest private jet company. When he is asked about his success he said that he gives only two rules to his CEO’s, first of all never lose the money of your client and the second one is never forget the first rule. Bill Gates met him and he thought that Buffet will be a very busy person so he arranged a meeting for half an hour but after meeting him, Bill gates was so impressed that this meeting went on for 10 hours. In his interview Warren Buffet gave a really good advice to the youngster for becoming rich, he said “Never Use the credit cards and if you want to invest then invest in yourself”.

Source: https://www.docsity.com/en/news/economics/warren-buffet-inspiring-story/
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