Basic Telephone Manners

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Basic Telephone Manners
« on: March 08, 2011, 12:13:21 PM »
Telephone has become a vital part of communication. So its only logical to know the basic telephone manners. Lets follow the below mentioned basic telephone manners to make our calls count.

Basic Telephone Manners:

* Let the telephone ring a reasonable length of time. It is frustrating to just get to the telephone and hear a dial tone.

* If you dial a number that is wrong, apologize, promptly and hang-up.

* Calling a business at or very near closing time is to say the least un-thoughtful. When it is time to go home, after a long day, do not delay them.

* State your name when placing a call. The game of "guess who this is" may not play very well to a busy friend.

* When speaking to anyone who is working and time is of the essence, make your call informative and short.

*Dial carefully and in proper lighting to avoid calling a wrong number and in-conveniencing others.


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Re: Basic Telephone Manners
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useful post!
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Re: Basic Telephone Manners
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Written from personal experience, whoever wrote it. We should be more careful about these things.
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