Debate Rules.

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Debate Rules.
« on: March 06, 2011, 12:03:19 PM »
There are different types of debate. Popularity of a particular debating format varies from place to place and time to time. Here you will find different types of debate format and rules so that you can have a minimum idea about all these styles. Here you are:

Parliamentary Debate:
Parliamentary Debate (sometimes referred to as "parli" in the United States) is conducted under rules derived from British parliamentary procedure. It borrows terms such as "government" and "opposition" from the British parliament (although the term "proposition" is sometimes used rather than "government" when debating in the United Kingdom). This is usually very formal. Throughout the world, parliamentary debate is what most countries know as "debating", and is the primary style practiced in the United Kingdom, Bangladesh, India, Greece and most other nations.

Asian Universities Debating championship:
This is the biggest debating tournament in Asia, where teams from the Middle East to Japan come to debate. It is traditionally hosted in southeast Asia where participation is usually highest compared to other parts of Asia. Asian debates are largely an adaptation of the Australasian format. Each speaker is given 7 minutes of speech time and there will be points of information (POI) offered by the opposing team between the 2nd to 6th minutes of the speech. This means that the 1st and 7th minute is considered the 'protected' period where no POIs can be offered to the speaker.

The debate will commence with the Prime Minister's speech (first proposition) and will be continued by the first opposition. This alternating speech will go on until the third opposition. Following this, the opposition bench will give the reply speech. In the reply speech, the opposition goes first and then the proposition. The debate ends when the proposition ends the reply speech. 4 minutes is allocated for the reply speech and no POI's can be offered during this time.

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Re: Debate Rules.
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Mr Soyeb

It is grateful to us that you mentioned about rules of debate. Involving aspects from showmanship to critical thinking, there are certain strategies that are commonly used to shape the direction of a debate...


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