Virtual Team-Building Exercises

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Virtual Team-Building Exercises
« on: April 11, 2017, 01:46:52 PM »
Nihal has just been promoted and he's been asked to manage a new virtual team. He loves the challenge of the role, the opportunity to do business with people from other cultures, and the flexibility of working from home three days per week.

Most of Nihal's team members are dispersed around the world, and only a few work from the office regularly. As a result, he feels disconnected from them, and he struggles to keep track of certain projects. He has misinterpreted several of their emails, and people have misunderstood messages that he's sent. This has caused conflicts and mistrust within his team, and it's affecting its productivity and effectiveness.

Nihal and his team would benefit from building rapport, improving communication, and increasing their awareness of one another's strengths and weaknesses. Using virtual team-building exercises could help them to achieve their goals and communicate more effectively, even when they work in different locations.

In this article, we'll discuss what virtual team-building exercises are and how they can benefit your people. We'll then look at three activities that you can use with your own remote team members.