Effective Recruitment

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Effective Recruitment
« on: April 11, 2017, 03:23:40 PM »
Why Effective Recruitment Matters

There are many reasons why it's worth the extra time and effort to recruit effectively. For example:

The right people in the right roles will be more productive – They'll also be less likely to leave the organization. High staff turnover is a serious problem for you, as their manager, as well as for your team and your organization.
A poor hiring decision may cause stress and conflict within your team – If your new recruit has personality issues or isn't a "team player," this may lower productivity for everyone.
You'll save time and resources – Just think about the last time you or your organization made a hiring mistake. The person hired took time, money, and energy away from the team and the company for months, or even years. Plus, if you make a hiring mistake, you'll have to go through the recruitment process all over again!
So, it pays to put real effort into getting the hiring decision right.