HTTP Error status codes

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HTTP Error status codes
« on: March 22, 2011, 12:54:01 AM »
400(Bad request)
401(Authorization required)
402(Payment required)
404(Not found)
405(Method not allowed)
406(Not acceptable)
407(Proxy authentication required)
408(Request timeout)
411(Length required)
412(Precondition failed)
413(Request entity too large)
414(Request URI too large)
415(Unsupported media type)
416(Request range not satisfiable)
417(Expectation failed)
422(Unprocessable entity)
424(Failed dependency)
500(Internal server error)
501(Not Implemented)
502(Bad gateway)
503(Service unavailable)
504(Gateway timeout)
505(HTTP version not supported)
506(Variant also negotiates)
507(Insufficient storage)
510(Not extended)
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