National competitive advantages

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National competitive advantages
« on: April 15, 2017, 09:17:28 AM »
National competitive advantages
1. Factors endowments: All the factors of production are available in the concern area is a competitive advantage to the company. It helps to balance cost & quality.
2. Local demand: The product having local demand is also a competitive advantage as it can be sold after production. 
3. Competitiveness of related or supporting industries: The support of the small and middle supporting industry is the major competitive advantage to business firm.
4. Congruence of strategy & structure & intensity of Rivalry: If the strategy, structure and competition are in tune with the business the firm will get maximum productivity.
5. Home trade is a prerequisite of foreign trade: The foreign trade is allowable if and only if the products get the permission to do business in the home country. For example- Wine is not allowed in our country, so the export of wine is out of question.