Most popular programming languages in demand 2017 Nowadays programming is one of

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 Nowadays programming is one of the new professions. Programming is a funny and creative work. The Computer, the Internet, the modern world based on scheduling.Without programming, no software can run or work.I mean behind the whole modern technology system programming plays a great role. In the realm of knowledge, the programming can change the entire world.So everybody should learn it. It helps men to do his job easily.

The men or women who know programming is called "Programmer."Programmer Develops  Video game, Software, 3D Device, etc.There are many programming languages which are use for writing a computer program. The computer does not accept our tongue (e.g. English, Latin, Dutch, Bangla, Hindi, etc. ). For this reason, a computer has its personal language which is called"Binary Language." Using old Binary Language computer only support two things 0 (Zero)and 1 (one).For this, Programmer invented many compilers. Now there are many languages based on OOP(Object-oriented programming).
Computer programming helps a computer to accomplish in all the work.
There are two types of software on a computer.The first category is system software(Windows operating system, Linux, etc.).   The second  category is application software(Microsoft Office, Oracle, Browser, etc.)

Programming is a way to make software. In 1827,  Charles Babbage designed first software.At present, anyone can make software using programming.

Wikipedia says," There are 53 Programming languages of its type."
Each of them has their languages.Such as, Array programming languages are   "A+.","APL.","Julia.","X10" etc.

List of  most popular programming languages in demand(2017):
First of all is-SQL.

JAVA: JAVA is an OOP(Object-oriented programming) language for apparently composed to possess as several implementation dominions as reasonable.Especially for Android app development Java is best.The technology community IBM( International Business Machines) and Oracle celebrated the 20th anniversary of Java. James Gosling is the creator of Java.There are many platforms in Java language.Keep in mind, Java and Javascript is not the same language because Java is a programming language and javascript is scripting language.Do you know, Java is most popular and independent language because with Java when you install JDK(Java Development Kit ) then it automatically installs JVM( Java virtual machine).So, Java programming language is one of the demand-able languages.

Python: No wonder, Python is not a snake genus. Python is top-level, interpreted, and dynamic programming language. The Creator of Python programming is "Guido van Rossum." .Python is most popular than all other programming languages around the world because with python programmer can design efficient, resonant and exceptional software.Python is developing day by day.Python supports multiple types of programs.Such as  Object-oriented programming, functional programming, etc.The major technology community such as Google, Facebook, NASA and senior top-level Python developers always finds python programmer.So, you can easily get $100,000+ salary with Python programming job. 

SQL: The SQL is a  database language.SQL pronounced'Sequel.' The full meaning of SQL is "(Structured Query Language)." At the list of needed language SQL, is found as a first demand-able language. In,1970 SQL develop at International Business Machines(IBM) by Donald D. Chamberlin and Raymond F. Boyce.Database technologies such as Microsoft  SQL, Oracle, etc. are used for reading, update and store data in a database.For this SQL is one of the popular languages in demand.

In conclusion, you should know that programming is a funny and creative work. If you want to be a good programmer, then you must practice programming more and more.You should learn more than one language by a good teacher or online programming course.Remember there is nothing impossible.So programming can be changed your life.Thank you for reading this article.If you benefit from this article, please share with others friends.
Md. Nazmul Hoq

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Great !!!

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And these could exist over the next couple of years