Live and Work from a Place of Passion!

Author Topic: Live and Work from a Place of Passion!  (Read 190 times)

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Live and Work from a Place of Passion!
« on: April 20, 2017, 09:27:30 PM »
Okay, you’re probably thinking… I have to come up with a brilliant idea to boost our mobile banking participation because my short sighted CEO wants a 30-day miraculous success story, and the last thing I need here is some talk about passion….. But here’s the thing – it’s all connected. .
Marketing entrepreneurs know that passion is a key ingredient in entrepreneurship. You may not be passionate about your latest banking product; but you are passionate about something. It could be downhill skiing, cooking, playing golf, grandchildren, chocolate, reading, etc. There is something around which you become more animated and driven. Regardless of what that is, there is one thing for certain – when you’re passionate about something it is rarely on the back burner.
Procrastination and perfectionism kills passion every time. The marketplace is far too dynamic for marketers to spend 9 months developing the next campaign. Agility is the name of the game. Some of the most successful marketing is happening in real-time. If you believe in what you’re doing and what you need to accomplish, let your passion trump your fear of failure…or fear of success.
Action Steps for the Marketing Entrepreneur:
1.   Find the smallest step towards the one thing you haven’t done yet because you want it to be perfect. Then take that step.
2.   Declare what you’re going to accomplish to someone – or a group of people. Ask them to hold you accountable.