Why do we need meditation?

Author Topic: Why do we need meditation?  (Read 1022 times)

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Why do we need meditation?
« on: April 21, 2017, 07:48:30 PM »
Now-a-days life is becoming more complex due to meet the expectation of life to lead a healthy life. Meditation is an effective way to remain happy irrespective of the situations. The main purpose of meditation is to make our mind calm and cheerful. If our mind is free from worries, we can concentrate into any matter with more dedication.

In general it is really difficult to have a firm control in our mind. Our mind works based on simple principle. If we can get our expected things, we become really happy in other case it is completely opposite. Our mind becomes really tired whenever we are supposed to do some unwanted task or anything which we don't like at all. So it makes our mind unhappy. If we can train ourselves with meditation, we will be able to create some inner space and clarity which will be helping us to have control on our mind. As we are mostly affected by the external situation. Meditation helps a person to make a balance between real life and expected life. Once we can isolate us from all these external situations, our mind become automatically calm and peaceful.

So, meditation could be a best way to get rid of our daily hectic work life and put us into a peaceful state.

Source: http://how-to-meditate.org

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