Office beauty tips (3)

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Office beauty tips (3)
« on: April 22, 2017, 12:28:48 AM »
• A small bottle of Tea Tree Oil is a lifesaver if you happen to notice an unwanted blemish halfway through the day. Resist the temptation to pick and simply dab a couple of drops onto the infected area. This natural essential oil is well-known for it's anti-bacterial qualities and can be bought at most chemists and pharmacies.
• If you arrive at the office feeling decidedly under the weather after a night on the town, a cooling eye gel can at least
help to create the illusion that you are awake and works wonders if you apply it just before your obligatory under-eye YSL Touch Eclat (£21) concealer. If you can plan ahead, even better - pop it into the office fridge the night before for extra kick. We're big fans of Virgin View Wide Awake Eye Gel (£10/100ml) but Body Shop's Unperfumed Elderflower Eye Gel is still hard to beat (£4).