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Flower Power
« on: April 22, 2017, 01:09:13 AM »
The Flower Power reference design highlights Intersil’s 4.5 V – 18 V input switching regulator. This board utilizes the ISL85005, 5 A device as a representative of this full line-up of wide-input switching regulators. Additionally, the board uses the ISL29102 Light to Voltage Sensor, the ISL21080 300 nA NanoPower Voltage Reference and the ISL28915 Nano Power, Push/Pull Output Comparator. The board is powered from two Energizer CR2032 3 V coin cell batteries and thanks to its low-power design, will be able to deliver over 1000 song cycles.
The Flower Power PCB is shaped like a 5-petal flower and comes in two colors, purple and yellow. It has 5 RGB LEDs on the front and an Intersil ambient light sensor to control the LED brightness. The flower features a Microchip MCU programmed to plays 5 songs while the LED lights flash in random patterns. Additionally the reference design:

Displays a light pattern for low battery alert
Automatically enters power savings mode
Is powered with two CR2032 coin cell batteries; includes suction cup for hanging
When start button is pressed, LEDs flash in a pattern to the melody of the 5 hippie-era songs: “Do You Believe in Magic,” “Are you Going to San Francisco,” “Here Comes the Sun,” “Age of Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine In,” and “Puff the Magic Dragon”

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Re: Flower Power
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nice post.

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