How do I build a professional profile?

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How do I build a professional profile?
« on: April 22, 2017, 01:57:17 AM »
Having a professional profile isn't something that just applies to big hitters in the business world; it's something that anyone can achieve.

Whatever sector you're in and whatever role you undertake, you can build up a profile or reputation that reaches out to the people within your industry. Even better, having a professional profile means that head-hunters will come looking for you and you'll be offered opportunities and proposals without having to explain who you are - or what you do.

How to build your profile
When trying to build and develop your profile you should cover both the traditional and the modern methods. Word of mouth, public speaking, magazine articles and face-to-face networking should be supplemented by blogging and online networking to make sure your net is cast as wide as possible.

The first task is to decide on your message. Think about the things that make you unique and what will make you stand out in the eyes of employers. If you want to be seen as an innovator, talk about the developments that will define the future of the industry; if you want to be seen as someone who can bring in money, talk up your past revenue making successes.

Whatever you decide, make sure you message is consistent across all the ways you get your profile out there. Take every opportunity you can to get your name out there. If you see an industry event and think you could offer up some insight, get in touch and ask if you can have a slot. Even five minutes on the bill could be the difference and as you become more confidant and more well known, the longer you'll get to share your views and opinions.

As your experience develops you'll inevitably have new things to shout about, such as industry awards or case studies of your work. Make sure you update all your profiles on a monthly basis so whoever is looking will always see the most relevant and recent information.

Be sure to follow up any contact that is made, even if it's not something you're interested in right now. Part of your professional profile should be based around building a reputation as someone who is approachable, not someone who ignores others.

Getting coverage
Publishing your own ‘news' on a blog is one option, but you'll soon find how hard it is to get your blog established and noticed. It's much easier to send your stories to online and offline publications

The people who put these together are usually crying out for content, especially around deadline day for magazines who might need to fill a column before sending the final copy off to print.

Deciding what you have done that might be considered newsworthy may not be easy, but remember that a positive spin can be put on anything. If you've started a project, finished a project, or have made a significant achievement see what you can use that is relevant.

If you work for a sizeable company then it's likely that your Marketing department are already working on Press releases. Find out from them what the process is and see if you can get your name included alongside a quote with your thoughts on the relevant projects.

Get hold of a copy of all the trade journals from within your sector and read them thoroughly. Picture where your story may be best suited so you can be sure you're targeting the right audience.

Make a name for yourself
No matter whether you are a marketer or a bus driver, an investment banker or a charity worker, you can become a name by doing something:

You can, of course, simply just be massively successful, and let your reputation precede you.