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A Book on Computer Fundamentals for Different Honours Level Subjects


Great News that.............
 Dr. Md. Ismail Jabiullah, Professor and Head, Department of Software Engineering, Daffodil International University recently wrote a book on computer fundamentals for different Honours level subjects naming "Introduction to Computer Fundamentals"in English.

I think that this book will be more efficient and beneficial for all dept. of Engineering for knowing the fundamental  knowledge of computer science.
I saw the books and analyst this book.I prefer that this book will help for gathering the different kinds of new knowledge.Some descriptions of this book are given below:--

The book contains 479 pages, 14 chapters with good number of tables, figures, exercises and examples. The publisher of the book is "Ganokosh Prokashoni Ltd.". The book is available at all libraries Gankosh Prokashani in Dhaka and other cities in Bangladesh and also found “Rita International” 36 PS Mukhajhee Road, Kolkata, Phone: 25138359, 9830439679. The prize of the book is Taka 250.00 only. The book of this kind is unique in computer science and other related world in Bangladesh as well as world market. It has detailed descriptions on Introduction to computers, number system, computer organization, computer hardware, input devices, output devices, storage and storage techniques, computer software, operating system, programming concepts, computer programming languages, computer communications, Internet and computer applications which can not be found in any other computer fundamental related books in such approaches and organizations.

I add that the extra information of this book is that this book is available in Gankosh Prokashani in inside of Shobanbag Mosque.I advise and request that all the reader of forum can see this book and share the valuable information of this book.

This is for kind information for all.


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