Top 7 Tips on How to Give Your Best and Get the Best

Author Topic: Top 7 Tips on How to Give Your Best and Get the Best  (Read 838 times)

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Top 7 Tips on How to Give Your Best and Get the Best
« on: June 02, 2017, 02:48:47 AM »
Has it ever occurred to you that you may not be living up to your potential because you are not giving your best to others including your employer, clients or family and friends?

The reason why most of us live below our capability is because we haven’t learned from a farmer who gave the best of his seeds to his neighbors. He was also known to share his better bred bulls during breeding seasons. This farmer’s way of life shocked one of his friends who asked, "Why do you give your best seeds to your neighbors and even let them use your proven breeding bulls to breed their cows. Don’t you know these people are your competitors?"

The farmer thought for a moment, then responded: "They are not competitors. Yes, we sell our garden produce and diary products at the same market, but that is not the whole picture. You see, when I give my best seeds to them, I am sure my crops will be cross-pollinated with the best. When I share my best bulls, I know there will always be the best within my village."

The success of the top performers in any chosen field can largely be attributed to the unrestrained sharing of their wisdom, time and resources. They pointed open doors for others to enter through the gates of opportunities. They have let would-be competitors learn what it takes to stay ahead from them. Masters of a craft have no worry in showing others "the ropes."

Here are Top 7 Tips on How to Give Your Best and Get the Best:

1. Be in-charge of your own attitude, decisions and actions.

2. Surround yourself with those who challenge and/or encourage your efforts.

3. Learn to see how what you do benefits others instead of focusing on what’s there for yourself.

4. Make efforts to better your skills and improve your quality of life constantly.

5. Let past disappointments be the platform on which you stand to overcome present and future challenges.

6. Give with the right motive.

7. Make giving a lifelong, not a seasonal endeavor.

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