A paper on Language Documentation, Revitalization, and Reclamation

Author Topic: A paper on Language Documentation, Revitalization, and Reclamation  (Read 281 times)

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This paper, Language Documentation, Revitalization, and Reclamation: Supporting Young Learners and Their Communities, addresses the relationship between language documentation and language revitalization and reclamation (LR), and focuses on the associated impacts on young children and their communities. The paper was produced by the Child Language Research and Revitalization Working Group, comprised of academic, professional, and community experts from a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds. The work was generously supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1500720.

In this paper, the writers explore the impact of language documentation on LR, and consider how these activities not only promote language (re)learning, but also influence social, emotional and physical well-being among young children and their families and communities. They discuss existing research and practice, and recommend next steps to support Indigenous communities’ actions to maintain, restore, and reclaim their languages. Through this overview of existing knowledge, they aim to lay a foundation for future research in order to share and enhance the outcomes and benefits of language documentation and LR practice.

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