Dozen WRONG concepts about Marketing

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Dozen WRONG concepts about Marketing
« on: May 28, 2017, 11:53:55 AM »
Marketing is the most controversial discipline among business theorem. There are many popular misconceptions about marketing which we should consider with our highest attention:
      1.       Marketing means Shopping
      2.       Marketing means Selling
      3.       Marketing means Advertising
      4.       Marketing means Telling and Selling
      5.       Marketing is easy task – anyone can do it
      6.       Marketing theories are Less Challenging
      7.       Marketing is the art of Mere Talk (চাপাবাজি)
      8.       Marketing is NOT a Science
      9.       The scope of marketing is very Narrow
      10.     If you study marketing, you will have to sell products from door to door; you will never be the part of the top management
      11.     The marketing professionals must bear the burden of tough TARGETS
      12.     As a profession, marketing is NOT suitable for women (of Bangladesh)
It is the time to challenge all these misconceptions about marketing with a logical open mind and to establish the discipline as a prestigious branch of socio-behavioral science.
Bottom Line: Marketing is the most creative, dynamic, challenging, and growth-oriented profession among all other business professions. In the class room, marketing may be easy. But in the real life, it is truly challenging.