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Do some EXTRA!!!
« on: May 28, 2017, 11:55:17 AM »
There is no syllabus of life. Your CGPA will not give you the guaranty to get a good career alone. In this hyper competitive market, if you want to embrace success you must do something EXTRA to empower your career. Here, I am suggesting a course of actions to make you an artistic personality:
Dhanmondi is the cultural hub of Dhaka city. You should visit the cultural centers of this area such as Drik Gallery, Bengal Gallery, Dhaka Art Center, Chhayanot, Robindro Shorobor, Gallery Chitrak, WVA etc at a regular basis. It will help you to refresh yourself and get you free from the boredom of your study.
At the same time you may get membership of different prestigious knowledge harbors like Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, British Council, Alliance Fran├žaise de Dhaka, the Goethe-Institut, Russian Cultural Centre, Iranian Cultural Center, The American Center etc. These centers will offer you state-of-the-art knowledge centers with ample collection of local and foreign newspapers, magazines, journals, books, movies, cultural events, short courses, exhibitions, overseas higher education opportunities, scholarship programs etc.
Besides Dhanmondi, Ramna and Dhaka University area is another cultural hub of Dhaka city. Regular visit to these areas will acquaint you about the resources of Bangla Academy, Central Public Library, National Museum, Faculty of Fine Arts of Dhaka University, TSC, Shilpakala Academy, Institute of Modern Languages of Dhaka University, International Mother Language Institute etc. By visiting these famous organizations you will be able to update yourself with the contemporary art-culture-photography-film movement-music-publications-study circles-drama-recitation-different festivals-cultural events, and what not.
In addition to these, you should have membership of different professional bodies of your area of interest such as Bangladesh Society for Human Resources Management (BSHRM), Center for Marketing Science (CMS), Bangladesh Economic Association (BEA) and so on.
All these efforts will enrich your intellectual height, boost up your creativity, enhance your dream, change your vision of life, build up network, supplement your resume and last but not the least, will make you a different personality than others.
Bottom Line: Be complete. Be unique. Only then, you will be able to sell yourself to the job market.