Five habits can make you a BRAND

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Five habits can make you a BRAND
« on: May 28, 2017, 11:59:18 AM »
[Don’t be a generic product, be a brand. Don’t be an ordinary employee, be a leader.]

Are you an average BBA/MBA student? Are you shaky about your present soft skills? Are you worried of your career path? Are you looking for jobs? Are you feeling deprived for not getting promoted at your present job? Or, are you suffering from fear of losing your position, responsibility, or even your job? The usual syllabus of universities can at best make a person an Ordinary Employee. Eventually, in reality, after completing graduation the young job seekers need to fight against the graduates of Branded institutions like IBA, Dhaka University etc. By practicing the following Five Habits you can also be a strong Brand and can create a distinguished position in the job market:
Habit#01: BBC Radio/TV
Listen to BBC radio on your cell phone by using an air phone, and/or watch BBC TV channel (or CNN, Al-Jazeera, Discovery etc) for half an hour daily. Take notes, if needed.
Habit#02: Newspaper/Magazine
Read an English daily newspaper/magazine form home and abroad for half an hour daily (you may read Daily Star, especially Star Business, New York Times,Time, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Business Week, Business World, or any other famous newspaper/magazine). Take notes, if needed.
Habit#03: Blog
Read business blogs of local and international experts daily for half an hour (you may read Seth Godin, Tom Peters, Harvard Business Review Blog, CMS Blog, Khandoker’s Marketing Blog etc.). Take notes, if needed.
Habit#04: Writing your own
Write a blog post daily. Spend half an hour for it. You should write on few selective areas so that in a course of time you can be an expert on those areas. Publish your blog posts through a free web space at or any other free website;or through Facebook notes; or through CMS Blog. Please keep records of your writings and submit whenever needed.
Habit#05: Speaking
Share your information, knowledge, idea, and project with others in official meetings, open forums, study groups, clubs, or professional societies formally.

Remember, small change in habits can bring BIG changes in your career as well as in your life.