Ethical Issues in Marketing

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Ethical Issues in Marketing
« on: May 28, 2017, 12:04:28 PM »
“Marketing Ethics came of age only as late as 1990s.” “It deals with the principles, values, and/or ideals by which marketers (and marketing institutions) ought to act.” In my opinion, marketing ethics results in the potential conflicts between profitability and different social concerns of a company. Here, I have listed the most common ethical issues that a marketer needs to address. This list does not cover all ethical issues (or unethical practices) of different companies. I hope you will add some new points:
Philosophy of Business-related Issues:
-         profit maximization
-         interruption marketing
-         dishonoring promises
-         cheating
-         bribery
-         marketing redundant
-         marketing can influence individuals’ perceptions of and interactions with other people… responsibility to avoid distorting those perceptions and interactions
-         pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing
-         lying
-         deceptive practices
Product-related Issues:
-         dangerous products/services
-         transparency about products ingredients
-         mall practices regarding the weight and measurement of products
-         duplicated products (নকল পণ্য)
-         use of unauthorized preservatives in food products
-         পণ্যে ভেজাল দেয়া
-         selling low quality products
-         piracy
-         selling outdated products
-         branding
Price-related Issues:
-         fairness in pricing
-         price fixing
-         price discrimination
-         price skimming
-         charging high price
Place-related Issues:
-         fairness in distribution
Promotion-related Issues:
-         advertising truthfulness
-         greenwashing
-         viral marketing
-         spam (electronic)
-         attack ads
-         stereotyping
-         racism
-         making people greedy
-         subliminal messages
-         sex in advertising
-         bait and switch
-         shilling
Customer-related Issues:
-         possible health risks
-         financial risks
-         security risks
-         respect for consumer privacy and autonomy
Society-related Issues:
-         culture and sub-culture
-         women
-         children:
- marketing in schools
- making children greedy
- misguide children’s food habit and other habits
- provoking children buy unnecessary products
- pursuing children to boundless consumption
-         ethnic minorities
-         others
Environment-related Issues:
-         transparency about environmental risks
Employee-related Issues:
-         ignoring employee’s right
List of Unethical Industries (need to be banned):
-         pornography industry
-         tobacco industry
-         fast food industry
-         soft drinks industry
-         energy drinks industry
-         packed-fruit juice industry
-         fairness cream industry
-         condensed milk industry
-         unethical uses of weapon industry
-         unethical practices of nutritious drink industry