Some harmful things you shouldn’t do after Seheri

Author Topic: Some harmful things you shouldn’t do after Seheri  (Read 701 times)

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Some harmful things you shouldn’t do after Seheri
« on: May 29, 2017, 12:40:26 PM »

Has been sehuri? Then what to do? Indeed, after the worship of worship, they will make preparations to sleep. Someone will eat a lot of water, someone will eat cigarettes, someone will sit down to watch TV or facebook. Think of it, are you doing something that is harmful for your health in Sehore? Come on, do not know anything about the work.

1) Most people fall asleep with sehuriya. This work is very harmful for health. And play a big role in increasing weight and causing problems in digestion. Because our metabolism rate decreases as we fall asleep. This causes problems in food digestion. Read the prayer after the sehari, recite the Quran if you practice. If you do not lie immediately, go to bed after half an hour.

2) Why only after saheri, smoking is always harmful for you. Ramadan may be the ideal time to quit smoking. If you smoke after saheri, you will suffer a lot of thirst for the day.

3) Do not drink a lot of water together, do not think that water will be eaten all day. It will not help you in any way. Rather, there will be discomfort in the stomach and there will be problems sleeping.

4) Many people sit in TV watching after Facebook or Facebook. If you do not have to go somewhere in the morning, then exclude this task too. Rest after the prayer. It will be useful to fast during the day.

5) Many people bath after Saheri. Fajr prayers only after the bath. Do not do this. After bathing, digestion problems arise. Take a bath before saheeri take rest.

6) Do not brush teeth right after sehari. Toothbrushing teeth are right to eat. Keeping the time in hand, sehari Sarin. After a while break the tooth brush. Make a nice coolie.

7) Many people drink tea / coffee while eating seafood, because tea tea will not be consumed all day. Do not do this thing at all. Caffeine makes the body dry. As a result, it will be hard to keep the fast throughout the day. At the same time your sleeping will be twelve and the problem of digestion.

8) Those who have morning walk practice, they will be able to walk after the wait and wait after Sehari. In the morning of the day of roast, there will be health losses, pressure on the body will be too much. Walking Practice Give It Some Afternoon or Evening
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