8 Qualities of a Good Journalist

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8 Qualities of a Good Journalist
« on: June 12, 2017, 09:32:02 PM »
#1  Curiosity

A good journalist must be curious about all things. He/she must always be questioning the world in which he/she lives in.

#2 Honesty

A journalist must be an honest person by nature. There is no room in journalism for manipulation and/or lies. The truth is the truth. A journalist must look at the world objectively, but not too objectively that it hinders his/her ability to think critically.

#3 Fearless

A good journalist must not be afraid. He/she will be in situations where tough questions must  be asked. He/she might be in the middle of physical danger. A journalist can not be afraid of risk-taking and/or adventure.

#4 Loyalty

A good journalist must be loyal. He/she must always keep in mind their job’s purpose as a journalist: to be the public’s watchdog. A journalist must always do his/her job for the good of the public’s interest.

#5 Kind

A good journalist must be kind. He/she deals with different people daily, whether it be sources, co-workers, state &/or national officials. A good journalist must be kind, unless someone warrants it to be any different.

#6 Trustworthy

A good journalist must be a trustworthy person. When building relationships with sources, these people will only help out a journalist when they know he/she can be trusted.

# 7 Passionate

A good journalist must be passionate about what he/she does. It’s this passion that can make an impact.

# 8 Tenacious

A good journalist must have a sense of tenacity. A good journalist can not be discouraged easily, but rather thrive off the challenge.

Source: https://nmkarlis.wordpress.com/2010/12/06/qualities-of-a-good-journalist/
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