teachers should make learning enjoyable and fun

Author Topic: teachers should make learning enjoyable and fun  (Read 4187 times)

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teachers should make learning enjoyable and fun
« on: July 16, 2009, 06:49:09 PM »
I always believe in the idea that teachers should make learning enjoyable and fun for the students. Why????

First let us take the psychological component of a student. A student will be more receptive, to anything including studies, if the subject matter is presented in an interesting and enjoyable manner. If not there is every likelihood that the student will be unwilling or will reject the matter presented as s/he considers studying a burden on him/her.

My second point is that the present day student faces tremendous amount of distraction such as interesting television programmes, drugs, distractions from opposite sexes and many more. To get the student away from all these and to get him interested in studies there is obviously no other way than to make learning interesting.

The present day students are also pressured with tremendous amount of competition from other students. With this mounting pressure on them coupled with the huge expectation of the parents, it will lighten the burden on the young students with a more acceptable form of presentation that is in an enjoyable and fun manner.

Retention is another factor that should be considered important. Any presentation which is given an interesting or enjoyable manner can be retained well by the students. If the subject matter presented is uninteresting then there is strong likelihood the student will forget the subject matter presented in days or even hours.

When presenting a subject the teacher should create a desire amongst the student to crave for knowledge on the subject and this can certainly be obtained if the subject matter is presented in a fun and enjoyable manner.

It can also be said that the present day communication system is so advanced and these are ample teaching aids and techniques to make teaching fun and enjoyable. So why not utilize the opportunities to the full so that the student at the receiving end can benefit to the full.

Last but not least I wish to say that by making teaching fun and enjoyable the life expectancy of both the students and the teachers can be extended. ha ha ha....Over to the others for comments
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