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Thanks to CDC for giving me an opportunity to get an Internship placement


Thanks to CDC for giving me an opportunity to get an Internship placement to my desired Institution

Hello everyone,
As we know, Bangladesh is having about 83 private and public universities and in every year a huge number of students complete their graduation program from the different universities. As they are huge in the number but limited number of institutions. However, it is very tough to get an internship placement to the reputed bank, financial institution or company. Once I thought, I could collect my internship placement without any help from anyone, and I could have done it very easily. After completing my 40 courses, I could realize that I was wrong. It is a really very tough job getting an internship placement without asking for help from anyone (It may be possible you are an outstanding student).  I want to share you a piece of a secret thing that I submitted my CV in different banks but no one had called me for an internship placement. Whenever, I sent my CV to the coordinator of CDC, Mr. Syed Mizanur Rahman, and I asked him to give me an opportunity to get an internship placement as such as some reputed bank alike Dutch Bangla or AB bank." At first the coordinator of CDC had sent me to “Eastern Bank” After a week later, he sent me to “Dutch Bangla Bank” as well. Some days later, the Dhanmondi Branch Manager of “Dutch Bangla Bank” confirmed me for my internship placement. Moreover, I was very happy because of getting my internship to my desire place by the help of Mr. Syed Mizanur Rahman, the coordinator of Career Development Center (CDC). In addition to getting help by Mr. Syed Mizanur Rahman, I got a lot of supporting from Mr. Mominul Haque Majumder (Director Finance and Accounts)

Thanks to  Daffodil International University and Career Development Center (CDC) and very special thanks to Mr. Syed Mizanur Rahman.

Ashiq Hossain
Daffodil International University

I want to give one suggestion to all of my friends who are studying at Daffodil International University, Don't loss your time to find your internship Placement because it is a really tough to get an internship placement without asking any help from anyone. So, you should try to confirm your internship placement before completing your last semester. One thing that, if you face any problem related with your internship placement, Directly go to CDC and meet Mr. Syed Mizanur Rahman, coordinator of CDC. I hope, you may get an opportunity to complete your internship placement.

Including me, there are four students that are in internship training at Dutch Bangla Bank, Dhanmondi Branch. One of them has already lost 9 months for finding internship( student of Daffodil International University), Another one is 7 months(Students of World University) and last one is 5 month (Students of Stamford University) ...So, be careful.......I (Ashiq Hossain) lost only one month.  

Thank you so much MR.ashiqbest012 for shearing your experience with us. I am very new in this varsity just doing 2nd semester.

SSH Shamma:


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