Chris Sacca Founder, Lowercase Capital

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Chris Sacca Founder, Lowercase Capital
« on: August 08, 2017, 07:02:00 PM »
Chris Sacca, the founder of Silicon Valley venture-capital firm Lowercase Capital, became a billionaire from his early investment in Uber this year as Uber's valuation shot up to a rumored $50 billion. He owns 4% of the company.

In addition, Sacca was vocal about a number of things. He told Bloomberg TV’s Emily Chang that Carl Icahn's recent investment in Lyft was a "big mistake." Sacca also talked about the crazy amount of VC money in Silicon Valley today. "I think there are naive investors with no discipline, throwing out term sheets at nine figures right now, with no diligence," Sacca said. And he wrote an impassioned 8,000 word critique of Twitter, where he was also an early investor; a couple weeks later, the company announced CEO Dick Costolo was stepping down, replaced by interim CEO Jack Dorsey.