Are You the Next Startup? - Season 3

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Are You the Next Startup? - Season 3
« on: August 12, 2017, 12:19:17 AM »
A new initiative to create Entrepreneurs by the Department of Entrepreneurship of Daffodil International University

Date: 10 August 2017

During the last decade, the development in social-economy of our country is mention worthy. In the meantime, Bangladesh has raised from medium income country to high income country. We are working on making the country into high income country within 2021. We will face many challenges in the road of the journey. One of the main challenges is to create new employment. In experts’ opinion, National Growth has been increased but the employment has not increased with the same rate. For this reason, some economists described our country as “Jobless Economy”. All of you know that every year more than 2 million young enter into job market. In the country, around 40% young is unemployed. In recent survey it has been shown that the unemployment rate in SSC is 7%, in HSC the rate is 13.6% but after graduation, the rate has been increased to 16.4%. In other words, the more degree a person has, the more chance is to be unemployed. In this circumstance, there is no alternation to create new entrepreneurs. By keeping this mind, the Department of Entrepreneurship of Daffodil International University has taken various initiatives. To its continuation, from 18 December 2016, the “Are You the Next Startup?” project has taken into consideration. Under this project, we will provide every possible assistance to the worthy and capable young children until they become a successful entrepreneur. A total number of 500 (30% females) new entrepreneurs will be created in the next five years (2017-2021).

 “Are You the Next Startup?” is a national level talent hunt program introduced to find out potential startups and entrepreneurs of Bangladesh. It will hunt, groom, design, organize, and manage new enterprises or business ideas till the ultimate success of each winner.

This project work will be led by four (4) years graduating courses of the participants in the Department of Entrepreneurship of Daffodil International University, where the winners will be facilitated by scholarship facilities from the renowned Entrepreneurs or Business Icons in Bangladesh. With guidance from top professors in Daffodil International University, along with insights from current start-ups and investors, new start-ups will develop an entrepreneurial mindset and enhance the skills to develop a new enterprise with potential for growth and funding.

Motto of the Event:

To foster the national economy of our country by creating new entrepreneurs.

Objectives of the Event:
1.   To create new entrepreneurs for 21st century
2.   To help the entrepreneurs to start their startups/ business
3.   To add values in the entrepreneurial skills of the participants
4.   To contribute in the national economy through the new entrepreneurs
5.   To assemble the family members of pioneer business icons in this project
6.   Finally to help the entrepreneurs completing their graduation from Daffodil International University

Special Features of the Event:

The Department of Entrepreneurship of Daffodil International University are providing 100% scholarship (around 8 lac per person) to the new young entrepreneurs.  The scholarships are named after the renowned persons of our country. The top 20 students are getting the scholarship facility.

The scholarship will be given to the participants in these ways:
The top 40% winner will get 100% scholarships= 8 participants
The next 30% winners will get 75% scholarships= 6 participants
The last 30% winners will get 50% scholarships= 6 participants

The winners will get theoretical and practical knowledge as well as experience which will transform them into successful entrepreneurs within four years of their graduation. In addition, each and every students under this project will earn minimum BDT 10,000 in a month from 2nd year of their graduating period.

“Are You the Next Startup?”- Season 01

You will be glad to know that, in the first season, we got more crowd than the expectations. There were online application procedure, Ice breaking session, Grooming and Boost Camp and final selection procedure for selecting the top participants. In the first season, the Top 5 students were selected from one week competitions among the around 300 students. Two students among them got 100% scholarship and other two got 75% scholarship. Now they are studying with scholarship at the Department of Entrepreneurship.

“Are You the Next Startup?”- Season 02

The same procedures were maintained in the second season too. From the beginning of the seasons this program got some renowned persons in the path of its journey. The scholarships are providing after their names.
In this season, the top 10 students were selected for scholarship. Among them four (4) students got 100% scholarship, Four (4) got 75% and 50% scholarship was given to two (2) students.

“Are You the Next Startup?”- Season 03

To the continuation of the success of the project, we are going to start “Are You the Next Startup?” for the 3rd time from September, 2017. We are officially announcing of this journey from this conference.

Dear Journalists, We hope that “Are You the Next Startup?”- Season 03 will left the previous two successes behind. Hopefully, we will find top 20 new young confident entrepreneurs this time. The top 20 students will be given full free scholarship.

Selection Process:

Open online Application                             : 10 August 2017
Close on-line Application                            : 31 August 2017
Online pre-selection round (open)            : 6 September 2017
Online pre-selection round (close)            : 7September 2017
Disclose selected participants’ Names      : 9 September 2017
Inform selected participants                       : 10-11 September 2017
Ice breaking session                                      : 16 September 2017
Qualifier & Boot camp                                  :  17-19 September 2017
Finalists Selection Round                             : 20 September 2017
Offering Scholarship and Admission          : 23-25 September 2017
Class/ Activities start                                    : 16 September 2017

Registration link: