Fundamental Skills

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Fundamental Skills
« on: October 31, 2017, 09:57:01 AM »

The skills needed as a basis for further development

You will be better prepared to progress in the world of work when you can:

    read and understand information presented in a variety of forms (e.g., words, graphs, charts, diagrams)
    write and speak so others pay attention and understand
    listen and ask questions to understand and appreciate the points of view of others
    share information using a range of information and communications technologies (e.g., voice, e-mail, computers)
    use relevant scientific, technological, and mathematical knowledge and skills to explain or clarify ideas


    locate, gather, and organize information using appropriate technology and information systems
    access, analyze, and apply knowledge and skills from various disciplines (e.g., the arts, languages, science, technology, mathematics, social sciences, and the humanities)


    decide what needs to be measured or calculated
    observe and record data using appropriate methods, tools, and technology
    make estimates and verify calculations


    assess situations and identify problems
    seek different points of view and evaluate them based on facts
    recognize the human, interpersonal, technical, scientific, and mathematical dimensions of a problem
    identify the root cause of a problem
    be creative and innovative in exploring possible solutions
    readily use science, technology, and mathematics as ways to think, gain, and share knowledge, solve problems, and make decisions
    evaluate solutions to make recommendations or decisions
    implement solutions
    check to see if a solution works, and act on opportunities for improvement

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